One thought on “PSE wait time to PTF: Should I stay or should I go?

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Lehigh Valley Area Local
    Office held, if any
    Email Address
    I would still suggest you speak with your union rep in your office. If you’re are dead set against that you could try to contact the Local President, or Local Clerk Craft Director, as applicable.

    Generally speaking, I would direct you to Section B of the Residual Vacancies memorandum in the back of the contract. It outlines a “pecking order” for filling PTF assignments.

    The decision to leave your office or stay is a personal one that only you can make. We don’t know the climate, the people, or the inner workings of your office. Weigh all the options, the pros and the cons and make a well thought out decision. Good luck

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