PMG DeJoy Delivers National Postal Forum Keynote Address

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy welcomed National Postal Forum attendees Monday morning during a keynote address

May 16, 2022
PHOENIX — In his keynote address opening this year’s National Postal Forum, Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy shared his strategic vision for the future of the U.S. Postal Service.

“We see a proud Postal Service organization, operating with precision, covering its costs and planning its future as the laws passed by Congress require us to,” said DeJoy. “We see not only the most trusted organization, but the most used organization. And when you are the most used, you are thereby the most relevant and most needed organization in America.”

DeJoy said he, the Postal Service management team and the USPS Board of Governors are not just focused on this year or next year, but are committed to establishing a positive trajectory for decades.

“The board did not hire me, nor did I come here, to manage the Postal Service. I was hired to lead the Postal Service and transform it,” said DeJoy. “Since arriving, I have assembled a management team, and we have aligned the organization to assume a strong leadership role in moving the Postal Service toward its future.”

DeJoy said the Postal Service’s vision for the future includes becoming the preferred delivery provider in the country by:

  • Delivering mail and packages to each American household and business six and seven days a week in a reliable and affordable manner;
  • Establishing easily accessible USPS retail centers in every community;
  • Building a modern processing and transportation network with technology enabled carriers using new vehicles;
  • Having postmasters serve as leaders of commerce in local communities;
  • Being a preferred employer with a stable and vibrant workforce with established career paths; and
  • Operating with precision and covering the organization’s costs.

“Our Delivering for America plan makes the necessary changes that ensure the Postal Service evolves and thrives in the changing American economy and does not become a burden to the American taxpayer. We are on the move and racing with ambition toward success in serving the American people,” said DeJoy. “We are confident that we will deliver a United States Postal Service that plays an important role in the future American economy and is not a burden to the American taxpayer.”

He continued: “We have accomplished a lot over the past two years, but there is much more to do. We must continue to accomplish our goals in a deliberate and logical manner. None of it is going to be easy for any of us, especially in the short term. We have, and will continue to, overcome the challenges we face, and we are engaging the situation with greater enthusiasm and growing confidence. Our transformation is moving forward fast. It will ensure that the Postal Service, and this industry, will deliver for America.”

The National Postal Forum — taking place May 15-18 in Phoenix — is an annual gathering of more than 3,000 professionals from the mailing and shipping industry. The four-day conference allows industry professionals to learn and collaborate in service of their businesses.

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

USPS News Release – May 16, 2022

Video, Transcript of PMG’s address now available

Source: USPS

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