4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Retirees Chapter endorses Desi Neurohr for Director, Retirees Department

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    "Cradle of Labor" Flint I Area Local Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    Past President Michigan State Retiree Chapter & Former Central Region National Retiree Representative (a.k.a. Delegate)
    And to candidate Desi; although I’m upfront about my endorsement of Joe Gordon and honest assessment of his qualifications; my straightforward question to you remains unanswered. What degree of involvement, other than your dues rebated to the Florida State Retiree Chapter, is or was there? I guess I’m more puzzled than questioning your cozy relationship with JPR given your past history. It’s just curious to me, that’s all. As I said; politics make strange bedfellows. I’m not “against” you or anyone else. I’m “for” Brother Joe Gordon. And let the best person win.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    "Cradle of Labor" Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter
    John: Speaking of innuendo, what do you mean by; “micro-managing from above”? Just saying, John.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Pittsburgh PA Retiree Chapter
    Office held, if any
    President Pgh Local 1974-1994, APWU DIR 1980-1983
    C’mon Al. Enough with the innuendos. If you have questions, ask them. Neurohr’s qualifications as the longest serving full time fiscal officer of a dynamic Local has more than made him the best qualified for the office. And speaking about politics, you have always supported incumbents for this office despite a failed organizing record, and failure to establish a legislative program for retirees, two of the requirements in the Constitution. None of the previous Directors, including Beard, have fulfilled those duties. It is time for an independent rank and file candidate, read Neurohr, to be elected FROM THE FIELD to this office.

  4. Office held, if any
    Past Pres. Michigan State Retiree Chapter & Central Region Retiree Delegate
    Desi’s post is curious in that the position of Retirees’ Dept. Director IS an elected position, and has been for several election cycles unless Desi is referring to the appointment of a displaced NBA to fill the vacancy left by the appointment of Judy Beard to Legislative/Political Dir.

    Of all the candidates for Retirees’ Dept. Director, Joe Gordon is far and away the the most qualified and has the credentials to prove it. It’s even more curious, unless I’m seriously mistaken, that when Desi was Sec.-Treas. of Pittsburgh Metro, and Chuck Pugar was Pres., there was a well publicized falling out with John Richards and his Chapter. Now, John is endorsing Desi? Politics definitely makes strange bedfellows. And Desi, other than his dues being rebated to the Florida State Retiree Chapter, what is the degree of his involvement? Desi’s candidacy and John’s endorsement begs lots of questions.

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