Philadelphia Staples store is feeling the heat — Time to turn it up!


Staples – 1300 S. Columbus Blvd, Phila

The Philadelphia Stop Staples Committee has been making daily visits to Staples stores in and around Philadelphia. One of our frequent and busiest targets is the Staples at 1300 South Columbus Boulevard near Penn’s Landing. We have had a sustained presence of protests, demonstrations and leafleting at this location. The store manager has tried (unsuccessfully) to intimidate us on a few occasions and is always taunting or mocking us and claiming the boycott is a waste of our time and suggests we “get back to delivering packages or whatever it is that you do.” We just smile at him…and you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears.

Today, after we had been leafleting for about a half hour, the manager brought a trash can outside to show us how he had labeled it and then he put it back inside the store’s vestibule. He seemed to be bursting with pride and joy for being so clever. Of course, the last laugh was on him. Most customers kept their flyers and we continued turning away more customers who were pleased to honor the boycott and shop elsewhere.
We ARE making a difference and We WILL be back!


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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch

    Next time a manager does that, take a Staples flyer and put it in the recycling bin rather than one of yours.

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