Facebook video shows how USPS scans packages


A new video shows how packages are scanned as they move through the postal network.

A new video is giving Facebook users a glimpse of the important role scanning plays in package processing.

The 13-second production shows a Priority Mail parcel being scanned inside a USPS facility. Through time-lapsed editing, the package then zooms throughout the plant.

The accompanying message: “Our scanners help us deliver billions of packages per year. By the time you watch this video, thousands have already been sent.”

More than 385 Facebook users have shared the video with friends since it was posted to the USPS page earlier this month. (Some employees may be unable to view external videos on postal computers.)

The Postal Service continues to make timely, accurate scanning a top priority, including deploying new technology that feeds up-to-the-minute scans to the My USPS.com package-tracking app.

Source: Scanning snippet | USPS News Link

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