OIG: Has USPS established an effective Insider Threat program?

Project Title: Insider Threat Program
Start Date: Monday, March 13, 2017
Estimated Report Release Date: September 2017

Insider threat is the potential for a current or former employee, contractor, or business partner to accidentally or maliciously misuse their trusted access to harm the organization’s employees, customers, assets, reputation, or interests.

An Insider threat program provides an organization with a designed resource to address the problem of insider threats. It must protect the information, documents, files and material provided by USPS components in accordance with current and applicable laws, rules, regulations and policy. Only by taking commensurately specialized action can organizations effectively detect, prevent, and respond to the unique threat from insiders.

An insider threat team is similar to a standard incident response team in some ways. Both teams handle incidents; however, the insider threat team responds to incidents that are suspected to involve insiders.

  • What do you think are key elements needed for a good Insider Threat program?
  • Are there any industry best practices that the Postal Service should consider for managing the Insider Threat program?

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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