No discontinuances, but more post office suspensions and relocations

On October 24, the Postal Service will suspend operations at the post office in Dalmatia, PA. A USPS spokesperson says that the lessor exercised the option not to renew the lease that expires on October 31, 2015. Customers, including 58 with PO boxes, will need to drive ten miles to the post office in Millersburg. The Dalmatia post office is a Level 6 POStPlan office.

October 2, 2015
As a result of all the public protest, the Postal Service has stayed away from post office closings over the past two years, and if legislation recently proposed by Senator Tom Carper were to be approved as is, there would be a moratorium on all post office closings for the next five years.

But opposition to discontinuing post offices is not stopping the Postal Service from closures by other means, often involving the termination of a lease. Recent news reports indicate that a couple more emergency suspensions are taking place, both of them over lease issues, and a couple of other offices are being relocated, possibly for lease-related issues….

The suspensions and relocations have been subject to investigations by both the PRC and the USPS Office of Inspector General. Lessors often report that the Postal Service was not very responsive during the lease negotiations and acted as if it had no interest in renewing, but the Postal Service does not take responsibility. It simply identifies the cause for the suspension as “lease expiration” or “lessor cancelled lease.”

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