APWU: TL 5 effective date MOU, PSE and ECP Step 4 Settlements

Via Idowu Balogun, APWU Maintenance Division, Assistant Director A:

The parties agree to the following:
In a facility which has transitioned from the Handbook MS-47, TL-3 version in accordance with the parties July 9, 2014 MOU, the effective date of the Handbook MS-47, TL-5 version is:

Day 1 of the first pay period following the completion of TL-5 training for the available custodial workforce and approval of the authorized TL-5 custodial staffing package. The order in which these two items occurs is not determinative; the effective date is Day 1 of the pay period following the point in time when both items are true.

The above referenced training includes the initial classroom training. The available custodial workforce includes all custodial personnel present during the training time frame. Any absent custodial personnel will be scheduled for training as soon as possible upon return. Upon approval, the Local APWU President or designee will be provided a copy of the approved MS-47 TL-5 staffing package (See below).

Dispute Q10T-4Q-C 15150146 was filed by the APWU Maintenance Division protesting the Service language they were adding to MMOs regarding the Energy Control Procedures (ECP). The offending read:

Any employee found not in compliance with these procedures may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

The Service had been getting away with this asserting any violation was a failure to follow instructions. With the advent of the Electrical Work Practices (EWP), the controlling M.I. and MMO require refresher training first. That language is:

When management believes there are deviations from the established work practices, the employee must take the appropriate electrical safety-training course that addresses that particular work practice. If management believes the employee lacks a good understanding of basic knowledge of electrical work policies, the employee must retake Electrical – Safety Work – Cat 1 & 2 – WBT, which covers the basic Postal Service policies regarding electrical work.

The parties agreed to language to be utilized in all Maintenance Craft PSEs, both past and future, which does not mandate discipline.

Case Q10T-4Q-C 14013055 was a USPS initiated dispute asking for resolution of on the issues of whether Maintenance Craft PSEs cover duty assignments; whether a vacancy must exist to hire a PSE; and if the Maintenance Craft pecking order for filling vacancies must be followed in order before hiring a PSE.

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