Legal Defense Fundraising for Mailman’s Freedom Flight

Hughes_gyrocopterI’m Doug Hughes, the mailman who delivered letters to the front lawn of the Capitol building in a gyrocopter. At the moment, I’m under house arrrest in Florida facing up to 4 years in jail for my civil disobedience.

I’m not whining – I know there would be consequences for my flight, but I hoped my actions would spark discussion and action to end the corruption of Congress. It has.

I do need help – I spent every dime I had, and then some, to accomplish my flight. I have expenses associated with the legal fight – my family and I need to eat, keep the power on and pay the mortgage. The flight was the opening round of a fight that will cost money. For info about the fight, go to I’m conducting the fight now from my home.

If I do have to serve time, my family needs to survive until my release. Building that nest egg for my wife and daughter is a major concern because my family should not pay the price for what I did, though they are.

Local friends jumped in while I was in jail to help my family. Thank You! Now I’m asking friends I haven’t met yet to help. We will end Corruption in Congress, I’m sure of that. Help me do it.

See: Doug Hughes Freedom Flight by Douglas Hughes – GoFundMe

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