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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    NY Metro
    Office held, if any
    Shop Steward
    It was settled in Step 4 in August. Even if you are getting paid Level 10 but are NOT an ET, you can not work “up”. The ET’s you replace are entitled to that work in overtime, even if it is penalty. Also correct is the fact that Management made you a Level 7, nobody else. So why would you do the work and help management out? They should have left the ET’S alone and reverted the positions through attrition. They can always have the junior ET’S work down to Level 9 or 7.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Can an ET with more seniority then an MPE bump the MPE from their position, etc?

    No, there is no bumping in the maintenance craft.

    Her response was that because the displaced ETs would have saved pay grade for 2 years, if they are ethical workers they will still do the higher level work.

    The saved grade is perpetual in the maintenance craft, until they refuse a return to a higher level job at the same level. Tell your dear manager that they’d be absolute idiots to continue to work as an ET while being in a lower level position, as they would be screwing the people after them who might want those ET jobs, but won’t be able to get them.

    I’d also remind those who wind up being downgraded that they are no longer ETs. They are MMs, and as such are only semi-skilled employees, with no troubleshooting ability, and limited knowledge. Their new job positions limit what they are supposed to do. Work the position, not the pay rate.

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