USPS Management Instruction and Use of Updated ‘We Want to Know’ card

Effective November 27, 2014, Consumer and Industry Affairs is issuing Management Instruction PO-160-2014-1, Complaint Resolution and Proper Use of Notice 4314-C. These changes ensure alignment with current complaint handling business requirements and support the PMG’s core strategy to improve customer experience — specifi­cally contact experience when a customer reports or needs to report a problem or has feedback. In the near future, a redesigned Notice 4314-C, We Want to Know (WWTK) card will also be available from the MDC.

However, current supplies must be exhausted before the redesigned WWTK card will be shipped. How we respond to our customers matters. Our custom­ers deserve to have their concerns handled in an appropri­ate, professional, and timely manner. Everyone has a role in providing a positive customer experience. We need to be sure every employee understands what is expected when handling and responding to customer concerns.

— Consumer Advocate and Manager Customer Relations, Consumer and Industry Affairs, 11-27-14


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