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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch

    Well I stand corrected based purely on your word. However, I did ask MVS drivers on all three tours over two days if they had a chance to see or talk to the president and none were aware of anyone from National being in the Phx P&DC. Even our craft director didn’t mention it in pre or post comments about the assembly. Maybe pictures in the next Heatwave.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Phoenix Metro

    Yes, the Denver regional assembly was just held this weekend as it is every year within the 5 state Denver Region. And yes, President Dimondstein did go to the Phoenix P&DC and walked the building meeting employees from every craft including MVS. In fact the first thing President Dimondstein did upon arrival was schedule the trip there. Besides his trip, the Maintenance Officers went to the West Valley P&DC as well. It finally should be noted that President Dimondstein did not stay for the entire assembly as he did have to be at the President’s Conference that started Saturday. Thank you for your interest in the events of your Union and I look forward to seeing you at tonight’s local membership meeting.

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