APWU: Convention Schedule & COVID Safety Protocols

From: Hannah Decker <hlively@apwu.org> On Behalf Of Elizabeth Powell, Secretary Treasurer
Sent: Friday, July 1, 2022
Subject: Convention Schedule & COVID Protocols

Good Morning,

The attached documents regarding the 26th Biennial National Convention are being mailed to all locals and states next week. We wanted to make you aware of the schedule (subject to change) and COVID protocols that will be in place as well.

If you should have any questions please contact Hannah Decker at hdecker@apwu.org.

Thank you,


Letter to Locals/States 7-5-22

Schedule of Events

Parade of States Cancellation Letter 6-27-22

2022 Scooter Rental Flyer

COVID Safety Protocols

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One thought on “APWU: Convention Schedule & COVID Safety Protocols

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    Be sure to wear your compliance mask if going to the Convention. In a daring and bold move, APWU HQ will allow members to eat or drink but must quickly remask in between bites or sips. This fear mongering is absolute lunacy. Mask wearing should certainly be an option. But a mandate? Ridiculous!

    Most, if not all, airports and airplanes are mask optional now and airports haven’t been this busy in quite some time. I work part time at PHL International driving passengers to and from airport. I had TWO passengers out of several hundred (businessmen, families, old and young alike) wearing masks this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe all of those APWU Convention goers who plan on full compliance of these draconian masking mandates should travel by car to that destination? Otherwise, it sounds like virtue signaling hypocrisy.

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