An Open Letter Regarding Ongoing Contract Negotiations by APWU WR Coordinator Gonzalez

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APWU WR Coordinator Omar Gonzalez and Ed Schultz (February 19, 2015)

APWU WR Coordinator Omar Gonzalez shown here with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz (February 19, 2015)

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter Regarding Ongoing Contract Negotiations by APWU WR Coordinator Gonzalez

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    Rarely have I agreed with Omar Gonzales but in this case he is spot on. Keeping the APWU membership abreast of negotiations progress, or lack of, is the main function of the Union. Not only does it give members confidence that someone is “speaking and fighting” for them, it truly is what the membership pays for with their union dues. Historically, management leaks all kinds of untruths during negotiations to “rile” up the APWU members against the union. Without the voice of the union leaves the union vulnerable to these rumors and a lack of support of the membership we need during this critical time. If an agreement was reached to “blackout” and censor negotiations….it was a terrible agreement and is a sign of weakness. In my opinion, Omar was right to report on the “atmosphere” in which negotiations are taking place. After all…the reports of Danny Glover and Trumka were reported and served no “real” purpose or value to the membership.

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    Actually thanks for the update Omar, considering you can’t even access Dimondsteins update even when logging on. Laughable.

    And when did management become so camera shy, used to be when negotiations started there would be a formal handshake picture.

    Keep up the great work Omar.

    psssst, anyone know where Mr. Burrus is these days? seems quiet during these negotiations. After he ran his campaign against Cliff (disguised as a campaign for Mark) he’s just disappeared.

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    Negotiations are best conducted at the bargaining table, not in the public domain. Notwithstanding anyone’s rights or privileges, any publicity of those negotiations should be at the discretion of the chief APWU negotiator. This is not a comment on the content of Omar’s piece or his motivation. It is just good negotiation strategy. I daresay as time moves along, if I have gauged management correctly, there will be appropriate reports from time to time from the chief negotiator. In my experience, that is where the responsibility lies. It is a high privilege and duty to sit in on and participate in those negotiations. One that should not be used beyond the bargaining table regardless of motivation. As the reports are given as time moves along there will be ample opportunities to comment on them.

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    Omar Gonzalez is 100 percent union and has been a stalwart union journalist, always ready to speak the truth and turn the blowtorch on USPS management without fear or hesitation. At least as long as I’ve known him, which goes back close to 30 years. Things don’t sound good for the membership when the chief negotiator is throwing a good man like Omar under the bus the first time some boss at the negotiating table throws a temper tantrum.

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