ALERT: One Time Opportunities For PTFs Under the MOU

Omar-recvdIf you have any PTFs within your local or know any PTFs in USPS attached please find a template issued by USPS HQ to Areas and Districts on the One Time Opportunity for PTFs to “bid” on eReassign pursuant to the 3-12-14  MOU.  Also a copy of a Stand Up Talk to be given to PTFs.

Click Here for PTF Opportunities Under the MOU

On information  and belief the National was also supposed to be sending the PTFs a letter (I have not seen the letter).  PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFO AS YOU DEEM NECESSARY, especially to any contacts in the AOs and MALs.

Many PTFs may not know how to access the system and the stand up talks do not provide directions.

The President of Reno informed me some employees may be having access issues with the eReassign process and provided his members a guide on the process for ensuring access:  [In the event you are asked by your members you can forward the guide- Omar]

Use a personal computer to go to

  • Type in EIN
  • Type in password and submit
  • On next screen enter password and submit
  • On next screen at top click MY HR
  • On the right side of the screen under words “I am…” enter A Craft Employee  CLICK on access eReassign
  • Click on grey box that says- [ Search Reassignment Opportunities- located under the word in blue that says-Reassignment ]
  • Locate long empty box above the small grey box that says –  SELECT DISTRICT
  • Click on the arrow and select YOUR DISTRICT
  • Then select the picture of a calendar for Date From.
  • Select a begin date
  • Then select the picture of a calendar for the Date to and input in the current date.
  • Click on the grey – SELECT BOX

All the available assignments should appear.

Then follow the process for selecting your choice.

Thank you, please forward accordingly.


Western Region Coordinator

PS- Thanks to President Maille

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