2019 APWU National Election Rules

Nominating petitions go out starting May 1st and must be returned by June 17th. For the first time, a regional election magazine will be included in the same envelope as the ballot. Candidates’ statements will be printed in a small font (Times New Roman, size 10) with no enhancements such as bold face type, bulleted or numbered lists, underlined type or extra punctuation.  A 2” x 2” photo of themselves is allowed. Ballots must be returned by October 7th.  Any drawings for Local prizes for membership voting must be done by the Chairperson of the APWU National Election Committee.

UPDATE: APWU: Change to Election Rules

One thought on “2019 APWU National Election Rules

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter and California State APWU
    Office held, if any
    Retiree Chapter President and California State SCF Rep.

    Please consider this suggestion: National Executive Board Member could you please forward this request to the 2019 National APWU Election Committee

    Dear Election Committee Members:

    Please reconsider your position regarding the following rule:


    Five (5) Regional Election magazines (containing the specifics listed in IV.A. CANDIDATES’ ARTICLES) will be printed with an index identifying the contested offices within that Region/Postal Region and color coded and mailed with the ballot. While multiple candidate articles may be contained in the Election magazine, the accompanying ballot will only list the candidate(s) the member is eligible to cast a vote for.

    National APWU Executive Board E Mail Addresses:

    ibalogun ibalogun@apwu.org, cburelson cburelson@apwu.org, dszeredy dszeredy@apwu.org, mfoster mfoster@apwu.org, ogonzalez ogonzalez@apwu.org, kbeasley kbeasley@apwu.org, mdimondstein mdimondstein@apwu.org, mgallagher mgallagher@apwu.org, epowell epowell@apwu.org, rSuslak rSuslak@apwu.org, sbrooks sbrooks@apwu.org, sstone sstone@apwu.org, vzimmerman vzimmerman@apwu.org

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