2 thoughts on “Whistleblowing 101

  1. Anyone on here have any experience seeking/obtaining whistleblower protection as a USPS employee? Could use some insight.

    Question from a concerned member:

    “On the OIG site, there is a form for requesting whistleblower protection. Should I submit that and list those I have contacted in and out of proper channels as my points of contact on this issue? I am expecting heavy retaliation. It stands to reason that I should be ok, but I want to make sure I have done my obligatory part to meet the standards for protection.”

  2. I agree. I have received whistleblower protection from my congressman’s office before, but sometimes there is a need for publicity to get the OIG to do their job in investigating wrongdoing/criminal activity by management. No one should be afraid to come forward with this type of information because of retaliation by the postal service. We could all use more information concerning how to alert more public officials and the public in general in order to stop these activities.

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