USPS sets the record straight: Postal Service isn’t going away

USPS_eagle_laying_down(July 10, 2014) Recent letters to the editor suggested the Postal Service is facing an inevitable demise, but nothing could be further from the truth.

USPS, which receives no taxpayer funding, generated $67.3 billion in revenue during the most recent fiscal year.

The organization continues to deliver mail to almost 153 million addresses across the nation, and it remains a leader in innovation. Last year, USPS revamped Priority Mail service and began delivering packages on Sunday, a service that continues to expand into more markets.

The Postal Service has committed to growing all aspects of its package business, and the organization is embracing advancements in digital communications.

If given more flexibility through the passage of comprehensive comprehensive legislative reform, USPS could put the negative financial headlines in the rearview mirror and focus fully on growing and improving its vital delivery service to the public.

via USPS News Link Story – USPS sets the record straight.

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