APWU: MS-47 TL-5 Settled as an MOU


Assistant Director (A), Maintenance Division Idowu Balogun

Assistant Director (A), Maintenance Division Idowu Balogun

Some Highlights of MS47 TL-5 & PSE Conversion MOU
The MS-47 TL-5 is accepted (as it was modified during negotiations). There are two MMOs on Team Cleaning and Housekeeping Inspections that go along with this. Included in the accepted version is:

  • APWU enforcement of the staffing results
  • The prohibition against disciplining custodians
  • The use of Team Cleaning specialists — Utility; Restroom; Vacuum; Light Duty
  • The requirement to include all duties custodians perform
  • Revised performance standards based on the ISSA 540 standard
  • An automatic penalty for failing to perform the custodial work determined at the end of the fiscal year. (read more… See attached).

via Idowu Balogun
Assistant Director A, Maintenance Division
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5 thoughts on “APWU: MS-47 TL-5 Settled as an MOU

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Manchester NH Local 230

    Here in NH four Custodians have been injured due to the back pack vacuums. One has been out over two months-the last person injured is a vet with over 25 years in and he received a letter of warning for unsafe work practice. I have been sent before the accommodation committee due to my own disability and nearly four months later still haven’t gotten a decision in writing.

    It seems these vacuums are being used as a potential method of getting rid of Custodians. We have requested canister vacs but have been refused and told the union agreed to only back pack vacuums. Is there any truth to this and do we have any recourse? The union here doesn’t seem to have any suggestions at this time.

  2. LaStacy,

    Contact your Craft director at the local level first and see what info he/she and the NBA can advise.

    IMHO, if you are forced to go DRAC and they deny you a reasonable accommodation, due to the newly added work standard for your position, you should consider filing an Americans With Disabilities Act complaint. You do this by contacting the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. It takes up to three months for them to review your claim. In the meantime, grieve the action and file an EEO. I hope this helps, brother.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Phoenix, AZ
    Office held, if any
    Craft Director - Hazlewood, MO Local

    I am a Custodian and a 10pt Veteran. I am now being forced to carry the back pack, which my disability will not allow me to do so. I understand that the Custodial positions were designated for disabled vets, but it appears the APWU signed off on this agreement not taking the vets in consideration and now that places the vets at risk for the DRAC board. Now how do we advise our Veterans on this issue? It appears the Vets were hung out to dry on this one.

  4. Director Raymer appears to have negotiated an excellent MOU for our PSE’s! Equal Pay for Equal Work is a fundamental Union Principle.

    I understand your concern Brother Dumas, but if Director Raymer was able to get such an outstanding settlement for our PSE’s in this short of a time-span, even before the 2016 CBA, I have no doubt that he is already on top of your upcoming situation next year as well.

    In case you have not heard, President Dimondstein has announced plans to fight this next round of consolidations and closures. I would urge you to not to desert your Union before this battle even begins.

    Wars are won by those who FIGHT TOGETHER, and lost by those who desert the battle and flee the fight.

    Hang tough my brother Dumas and let Director Raymer know your concerns. Only if he fails to deliver in this consolidation battle and we are defeated, you can then resign with your own honor.

    And if you get to speak to him, imagine you are talking to General Patton and maybe your conversation will go a little smoother. 😉

  5. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Mid FL Local 7139
    Office held, if any
    ET, paying dues for 24 years

    I would like to know how to quit the union.
    I have been a dues paying member since 1990. Although I have been disappointed with the union at times in the past, this is the last straw.
    We are about to close 82 facilities. That means that maintenance employees in 82 facilities will be displaced.

    And someone believes that it is a good idea to convert over 3000 maintenance PSEs to career maintenance employees. Oh yeah, we are going to do this within the next 30 days.

    So how many maintenance employees will be excessed out of the craft while a PSE with 6 months as a career employee will stay in maintenance?

    Thanks for taking care of all of us loyal dues paying career union members. At least you replaced us with Manpower casuals.

    Go ahead and try to justify it, I’m sure you will. It won’t keep that Et, with 31 years total service but a building seniority of only 4 years, from becoming a carrier. While the PSE has his job.

    Thanks for nothing.

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