USPS: System simplifies employee scheduling

Mail Processing Clerk Jerry Ward processes mail in Merrifield, VA. The new Informed Visibility Employee Scheduler will standardize scheduling throughout USPS.

The Postal Service is introducing a system to help managers and supervisors improve employee scheduling.

The Informed Visibility Employee Scheduler (IVES) will standardize scheduling throughout the organization. The online application will provide automated tools that will allow managers and supervisors to create optimized, lean and accurate employee schedules based on budget, productivity and operational needs.

Enterprise Analytics created IVES using innovations designed by a project team, along with best practices developed by managers in the Postal Service’s Northeast and Southern areas.

“From an in-plant support perspective, updates are very easy. IVES accurately updates the budget numbers, job moves and other information,” said Scott Lambert, in-plant support manager at the Tulsa, OK, Processing and Distribution Center.

“In the big picture, this is a good tool that can continue to be built on,” Lambert said.

The development of IVES is a multi-phase project designed to progressively improve and automate staffing and scheduling throughout USPS. The first phase focuses on the weekly scheduling of function 1 mail processing employees.

For more information, email Daniel Fineman, the IVES project lead, at

Source: USPS

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