USPS Solicitation: People to Write EEO Final Agency Decisions

The Postal Service is looking for individuals willing to write its Final Agency Decisions on EEO complaints. Attached are their instructions. Most FADs are boilerplate denials, much like letters of discipline these days.

“A FAD writer is paid on a “per case” basis, generally $450, on successful completion of the case. FAD writer performance will be evaluated by USPS NEEOISO management based on quality, writing style and timeliness. Depending on work load and case complexity, FAD writers may average from 8 to 10 cases per month.”

FAD writers are expected to do about one every two days. $450 (before self-employment taxes and expenses) for two days complex work is peanuts! “Suppliers whose performance is deemed unsatisfactory by the Postal Service will not receive further task orders.”

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