USPS recognizes employees who served in military (video)

November 8, 2021
The Postal Service has released a video of this year’s virtual Veterans Day ceremony.

The video honors the organization’s military veterans and features remarks from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and others, including:

• Angela H. Curtis, Delivery Operations vice president and an Air Force veteran;

• Myriam B. Irizarry, a Human Resources program and policy analyst and this year’s Combined Federal Campaign manager;

• Reginald M. Truss, the Toledo, OH, Processing and Distribution Center plant manager and an Army veteran; and

• Jeryl A. Wilson, director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and a Navy veteran.

The ceremony video, released Nov. 8, is also available on Link and LiteBlue, for viewing individually or showing teams at virtual events.

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Source: USPS

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