USPS officials confirm Duluth, MN mail delays starting in April due to consolidation

2014 Duluth "Save the Plant" Rally

2014 Duluth “Save the Plant” Rally

By Newsroom staff – March 26, 2015
Duluth, MN — Expect delays in your mail delivery, starting as soon as next week, as the United States Postal Service begins consolidating the Duluth mail processing facility.

According to Representative Rick Nolan, mail sent in northeastern Minnesota could take three or four days for mail to arrive at its destination.

The Postal Service’s service standard for First-Class Mail sent from Duluth is two days for local mail and three days for all others.

USPS officials also say late afternoon pick up of mail at the blue boxes is being cancelled.

Mail dropped at any Post Office in time for that day’s dispatch will be transported and postmarked in St. Paul that same evening, not the next day, according to the Peter Nowacki with USPS in Minnesota.

US Representative Rick Nolan says the Postal Service is using its “manufactured financial problems as an excuse to cut one day service to three to four day service.”

Rep. Nolan adds the Duluth facility, and others, set for consolidation, are among the most productive.

The USPS Chief Operating Officer, says the postal service will find jobs within a 50 mile radius for all affected employees.

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