USPS offers Hatch Act training reminder to nonbargaining employees

The Hatch Act prohibits federal workers from engaging in political activity while on duty.

August 3, 2023
Postal Service nonbargaining employees are required to complete training on political activity and the Hatch Act by Sept. 30.

The Hatch Act law prohibits federal workers — including Postal Service employees — from engaging in political activity while on duty, while wearing a uniform, while on federal property or while inside a federal vehicle.

Nonbargaining employees can access the course through HERO, the Postal Service’s online learning portal.

The course is part of the organization’s regulatory compliance training for fiscal year 2023, which ends Sept. 30.

The Ethics Blue page has more Hatch Act resources. Employees who have questions can contact their local field law office or send an email to

Source: USPS

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