USPS invites employees to audition for 2022 holiday advertising campaign

Carilla Hayden, a Chicago letter carrier, joined a special guest star in the USPS holiday advertising campaign in 2018.

August 1, 2022
The Postal Service is inviting employees to audition for this year’s holiday advertising campaign.

Employees who are selected to participate could be featured in a variety of ads, including TV commercials.

The audition is open to all employees. No prior acting experience is required.

The USPS 2022 Employee Casting website has instructions on creating and submitting audition videos. Employees who have trouble accessing the site from a postal computer should try using a personal device or a personal computer.

The employee casting website will now be accessible year-round. USPS conducts advertising campaigns throughout the year that need on-screen participation from its workforce. Employee submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Interested employees are encouraged to keep these other ad opportunities in mind. The site will help USPS build a talent portfolio and alleviate the need for additional casting calls with applications and deadlines.

Filming for this year’s holiday ads is expected to take place mid-September.

Source: USPS

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