USPS: Hola, VPO! – Village Post Office serves Hispanic community


The grand opening of the Amezcua VPO.
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A Village Post Office (VPO) recently opened in an insurance agency in Salinas, CA, becoming one of the nation’s first VPOs to primarily serve Hispanic customers.

Amezcua Insurance Services, a family-owned business with four branches, has served the area for more than 40 years. Its customer base is approximately 95 percent Hispanic.

VPOs — which allow convenience stores, libraries and other businesses and community organizations to sell postal products — are part of a broader USPS initiative to strengthen customer service.

The opening celebration of the Amezcua VPO featured live music and received coverage in a local Spanish-language newspaper that published two full-page spreads, including one in English.

via USPS News Link Story – Hola, VPO!

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