USPS: Ethics rules apply after leaving USPS

Do you know the rules that apply to former employees of the Postal Service?

December 29, 2023
The Postal Service wants to remind employees that USPS ethics rules apply even after they leave the organization.

Former employees and retirees may work for any new employer, but they may not:

Use confidential, nonpublic or proprietary postal information in their new positions;

Communicate with the Postal Service about matters former subordinates worked on during the former employee’s last year in service, for a period of two years; and

Communicate with USPS on behalf of a new employer regarding a project they worked on with outside organizations or individuals while at the Postal Service.

Former USPS employees can perform any other work for a new employer so long as it is considered “behind the scenes,” meaning the former employee does not communicate with or appear before the Postal Service.

There are some exceptions.

Depending on what their USPS duties were, some former employees may be prohibited from interacting with the Postal Service for a certain time or on certain matters.

Also, senior employees who reached a certain salary threshold before their departure have a cooling-off period of one year before they may communicate with or appear before the Postal Service on behalf of a new employer on any matter.

Employees who are leaving, or who have left, USPS should seek guidance relevant to their situation by contacting the Ethics and Legal Compliance team at 202-268-6346 or

Source: USPS

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