USPS: Employees reminded of electioneering rules

Some electioneering activities are prohibited at Post Offices and other USPS facilities.

USPS wants employees to remember the following electioneering activities are prohibited on Postal Service property:

  • Ballot boxes. These boxes should never be displayed or collected in Post Office retail lobbies or other locations.
  • Non-USPS fliers, pamphlets and unauthorized literature. This includes partisan materials, such as the depositing, posting or displaying of materials that could be considered part of a political campaign.
  • Campaigning for election to public office. This includes activities conducted in support of a campaign for election of an individual to any public office.

Voter registration activities on USPS premises may be allowed if conducted in accordance with ethics regulations. All requests to conduct such activities must be sent to the area law department field office.

Photography, filming and audio recordings also may permitted with permission or approval from the Postal Service.

The Election and Political Mail 2018 Blue page has additional information.

Employees who have questions about these rules can contact their local field law office or send an email to

Source: USPS

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