USPS: Don’t show prerecorded movies at facilities

Do you know the Postal Service’s policies on showing movies in the workplace?

The Postal Service wants employees to know that they are prohibited from showing prerecorded films or movie clips at USPS facilities because of trademark and other legal restrictions.

Prerecorded movies include motion pictures stored on VHS cassettes, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and storage devices (such as computers, tablets and smartphones), as well as movies accessed on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and other streaming services.

Similarly, movies stored on other online services or accessed through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other websites are also prohibited.

Additionally, prerecorded movies or movie clips can’t be:

  • Shown to customers in a Post Office lobby
  • Shown in a break room in postal facilities or other space controlled by USPS
  • Shown at events and conferences, including “movie nights”
  • Included in postal training or training materials

The prohibition on the display of prerecorded films does not apply to films produced, published or owned by the Postal Service. This includes any video available on the official USPS YouTube channel, Blue or HERO.

Postal Service employees and the public may view broadcast programs — including movies — on televisions sized for home use, but not on large-screens TVs, like those used in bars and restaurants.

Employees are also permitted to privately watch pre-recorded movies on their personal devices during approved break time.

Source: USPS

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