USPS: Do your part to protect the sanctity of the mail

All USPS employees have a responsibility to protect the sanctity of the mail.

August 16, 2023
To help mark USPS Ethics Awareness Week, the Postal Service is reminding employees about the sanctity of the U.S. Mail.

Employees routinely deliver medications, election ballots, utility bill payments, holiday gifts and other important items. Every U.S. household depends on the Postal Service, which is consistently ranked in public polls as the nation’s most trusted government agency.

To help maintain the public’s trust in USPS, here are some things to keep in mind:

Every Postal Service employee has a duty to protect the sanctity of the mail. Every mailpiece should be treated with the utmost care.

Willful acts of mail theft, delay and destruction erode the organization’s reputation and hurt its business. It only takes one negative experience for a customer to take their business to a competitor.

Delaying, destroying or stealing mail can result in administrative action, including removal from postal employment, criminal prosecution or both.

Employees who are having trouble delivering along their assigned route should speak to their supervisor.

The USPS Employee Assistance Program is also available 24/7 to help resolve personal concerns that may affect an employee’s ability to properly perform his or her job duties. Call 800-EAP-4YOU (800-327-4968).

The Ethics Blue page covers these and other topics in more detail.

Employees who have questions should email the Ethics Office or call 202-268-6346.

Source: USPS

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