USPS announces appointments: Division, Regional directors

Logistics and Processing Operations focuses on processing and moving mail and packages efficiently to delivery units.

The Postal Service has named the directors who’ll oversee its new division structure.

The divisions, part of Logistics and Processing Operations, focus on processing and moving mail and packages efficiently to delivery units.

Under a plan announced this month, Logistics will be organized into four regions — each geographically aligned to one retail and delivery area — and divided into three or four divisions for a total of 13.

Processing Operations will be organized into two regions — each geographically aligned with two retail and delivery areas — and divided into six or seven divisions for a total of 13.

Here’s the list of division and regional directors:

Atlantic Logistics (Scott Raymond, regional director)
• Chesapeake Division: James Drummer, director
• New England Division: Richard Gaudet, acting director
• New York Metro Division: Christopher Johnson, acting director
• South Atlantic Division: Frank Veal, director

Southern Logistics (Mike Melendrez, regional director)
• Gulf Atlantic Division: Juan W. Gonzalez, acting director
• Southeast Division: Barbara Murph, director
• Southwest Division: John Darden, director

Central Logistics (Larry Belair, regional director)
• Lakeshores Division: Kenn P. Messenger, director
• Midwest Division: Tracie Hill-Sandifer, director
• Westshores Division: Elizabeth Wulf, director

Western Pacific Logistics (Karlett Gilbert, regional director)
• Pacific Northwest Division: Marc Kersey, director
• Southern California Division: Pedro Ortiz, director
• Western Division: Erika Ramirez, director

Eastern Region Processing
• Chesapeake Division: Dave Webster, director
• Gulf Atlantic Division: Mark Dahlstrom, director
• New England Division: Christine Young, director
• New York Metro Division: Steve Humin, director
• South Atlantic Division: Scott Tosch, director
• Southeast Division: Sharon Young, director
• Southwest Division: Larry Wagener, director

Western Region Processing
• Lakeshores Division: Todd Hawkins, director
• Midwest Division: Rick Pivovar, director
• Pacific Northwest Division: John DiPeri, director
• Southern California Division: Britton Soto, director
• Western Division: Felipe Flores, director
• Westshores Division: Chuck Sciurba, director

The division and regional director appointments took effect March 13.

The Logistics and Processing Operations organization, led by Chief Logistics and Processing Operations Officer Isaac Cronkhite, also includes Mike Barber, processing and maintenance operations vice president; Robert Cintron, logistics vice president; Dane Coleman, Eastern regional processing operations vice president; and Larry Munoz, Western regional processing operations vice president.

The Preparing for Change — Employee Support Blue page has new maps that show the Postal Service’s new divisions, along with information about the organizational changes, including timelines and other details.

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Source: USPS

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