Updated APWU Health Plan COVID-19 Coverage Enhancements

Via APWU Health Plan Director Sara Jane Rodriguez

The Health Plan will:

◾️ Cover COVID-19 testing at no cost* to the member when testing is prescribed by a clinical professional

◾️ Cover telehealth visits at no cost (retroactive to March 1st, 2020)* to member when visits are performed through the Health Plan’s telehealth providers:

High Option: Visits through Amwell are available at www.amwell.com at no cost* to member

Consumer Driven Option: Virtual visits through AmWell, Teladoc, and Doc on Demand are available at myuhc.com at no cost* to the member

◾️ Cover telehealth visits to network providers (I.e. you have an in network primary care Dr. that offers virtual visits) at no cost* to member when related to COVID-19

◾️ Waive inpatient prior authorization requirements related to COVID-19

Reminder: Members are encouraged to use mail order for maintenance medications which provides a 90-day refill and the delivery is free

*All deductible, coinsurance and copays will be waived

Coronavirus test coverage

See: APWU Health Plan

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