USPS MTSC: Custodial Team Cleaning update (4/6/20)

Please share with plant management, operations, maintenance, and other personnel as needed.

Due to staffing shortages resulting from influenza and coronavirus along with newly hired Labor Distribution Code (LDC) 38 Labor Custodians, HQ Maintenance Operations is authorizing a temporary option for Custodial Team Cleaning (CTC) Champions to conduct CTC training via ZOOM. If students are within the facility where training is being conducted, training may still be completed in a normal classroom setting provided there are no more than 10 students. If students are unable to travel to the facility where the class is being conducted, ZOOM may be used for the training.


This is an EXCEPTION authorized by HQ Maintenance Operations to avoid congregating in groups of more than 10 employees due to the current coronavirus pandemic. All training conducted in a classroom setting MUST adhere to the 6-foot rule and abide by social distancing. If an employee is ill, or shows signs of being ill, they are to be removed from the course and be rescheduled when they are recovered.


When pandemic restrictions end, all training procedures MUST return to the normal procedures to meet contractual obligations.

Clean and healthy Postal facilities must be maintained even when custodian staffing levels are impacted by staffing shortages or circumstances beyond our control (influenza and coronavirus). All cleaning must follow MS-47 and CTC training procedures.

A CERTIFIED CTC Champion (Proctor/Instructor) is the only individual permitted to instruct CTC-related training during in-house or ZOOM meetings.

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