Update to Article 10 charges against NALC President Renfroe

August 31, 2023
Update to Article 10 charges

This is an update to the July 14 notification of charges received by the NALC Executive Council proffered against President Brian L. Renfroe by another member of the Council.  On Aug. 29, the NALC Executive Council received the report of the member appointed to investigate the charges in accordance with Article 10 of the NALC Constitution. Per Article 10, the NALC Executive Council was required to determine “whether a substantial charge is presented by the report.”  Of the original eight charges, two were withdrawn by the charging party. Of the remaining six charges, four were determined by the Executive Council to be substantial. The four charges determined to be substantial are:

  • “Abandoned Position and Dereliction/Neglect of duty.”
  • “Neglect of Duty.”
  • “Conduct. Impaired driving after hours in a NALC owned vehicle.”
  • “Circulating False or Misleading Statements about a NALC Officer: Brian Renfroe shared and referenced confidential information about an employee matter.”

Note: a finding that a charge is substantial is not a determination of guilt, but rather triggers an evidentiary hearing in accordance with Article 10.

In accordance with Article 10, the Executive Council will appoint a panel of three disinterested members, excluding the investigator, to conduct a hearing regarding the four charges. The panel shall make a report with recommendations to the Executive Council, which shall be served on the accused officer and charging member, who may, within 15 days, file with the Executive Council objections or comments thereon.

This process will not distract from our efforts to achieve a collective bargaining agreement or our preparation for binding interest arbitration. The NALC Executive Council is committed to following our constitutional process and will not be deterred from our duties and responsibilities to fully and vigorously represent the interests of the nation’s city letter carriers.

Source: NALC

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