2 thoughts on “Time for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to Resign

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    With all due respect Mickey Mouse could lose $6 Billion a year and close 17,000 post offices. Yes 17,000. In two years I’ll be back here to say, “I told you so.”

    DeJoy got his job because he was Trumps biggest donor( so much for credibility).

    DeJoy has a Plan and it doesn’t include a unionized workforce. Time for people to call him out.

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    How much of that loss is due to the Biden Administration forcing Electric Delivery Vehicles on DeJoy? He did inherit a fleet of 25 year life expectancy 1090’s Chevy S-10 based LLV’s that are well past their 25 years and catching on fire daily. All need to be replaced ASAP and here in Atlanta I see that is happening. DeJoy was sued for trying to buy conventional delivery vehicles instead of more expensive and shorter lifespan EV’s.

    Also how much of that loss is due to spending for his new reorganization plan of 48 Regional Processing Centers? We are opening our new Atlanta one in February of 2024. These Regional Processing Centers will allow DeJoy to make good on his plan of in-sourcing many, if not most, of the contract truck routs to our MVS drivers.

    Remember DeJoy made his millions on running a contract trucking over the road operation for the USPS. He knows the waste and unjustified expense it costs us to contract that work out as compared to having our MVS drivers make those runs. To bring that contract work back in, the routes need to be 4 hours or less point to point so that an MVS driver can make a mail run to a destination and make a mail run back within an 8 hour day. That is what many of the Regional Centers will allow.

    For me, the jury is still out on DeJoy. If he was the boogie man hatchet man bent on privatizing the USPS, I don’t think he would be tackling such a massive transformation in our infrastructure while at the same time in-sourcing contracted work to our Union.

    Time will tell. But I for one would like to give him more time as I think we could do a whole lot worse than DeJoy. But I was here during the disastrous “Carvin’ Marvin” Runyon years. With our luck we would get someone as ineffective as Pete Buttigieg to replace DeJoy and then we would all wish we had DeJoy back.

    If I may make a suggestion, rather than calling for replacing the devil we know, why not find and support someone who is qualified to be our PMG and start a movement for that person specifically, to replace DeJoy? For the money the job pays, I think we can rule out Elon Musk, who would be my first choice. But the job is too big of a financial downgrade for most of those actually qualified to be PMG because like Musk, they make many millions more in the private sector with a lot fewer headaches. Hence we will replace DeJoy when he leaves with someone far worse. That much I am willing to bet on.

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