Postal employees in Puerto Rico could use this water!

Via Sam Wood – President, APWU – Southwest Florida Area Local:

“Here is 23 pallets of hoarded water left over after Hurricane Irma. There were many families who could have used this immediately after the Hurricane, but local management hoarded it like it was gold. That’s 1087 of 35-packs of 16.9 ounces and 416 6-packs of 1.5 liters (a total of 40,541 bottles of water). Postal employees in Puerto Rico could also use this water. However, it continues to just sit here at the Fort Myers P&DC. Of course, they placed signs on these pallets stating the water is not for Ft. Myers P&DC employees.”

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One thought on “Postal employees in Puerto Rico could use this water!

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Greensboro NDC Local # 7035
    Office held, if any
    Clerk Craft Director
    WTF!!! Is Management saving it for another rainy day in Florida!?

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