Postal Bulletin: November is HAZMAT Awareness Month 

Poster 37, Is Your Package Safe to Mail?

The Postal Service™ is committed to protecting the health and well-being of its employees, retail partners, customers, and the mail. To that end, the Postal Service continuously evaluates procedures to ensure the safe acceptance and delivery of hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Recent incidents where nonmailable hazardous materials were inducted into the mail stream serve as a sobering reminder that these types of mailpieces continue to pose a real threat.

To bring renewed awareness to these preventable situations, the Postal Service is again designating November as “HAZMAT Awareness Month.” During November, the Postal Service will distribute targeted communications that reinforce current HAZMAT policies and procedures.

As our peak season begins, and we anticipate increased mail volume along with its potential risks, there is even more reason to be diligent. I know I can count on Postal Service employees to support this effort, and I thank you in advance for emphasizing to your teams the importance of their adherence to current HAZMAT policies and procedures.

Kevin McAdams
Vice President,
Delivery and Retail Operations

Source: USPS

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