NBA Pete Coradi says Elect Jeff Kehlert APWU Executive Vice President!

APWU Sisters and Brothers:

As a twenty-year National Business Agent I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with my good friend Jeff Kehlert. Jeff is unequivocally one of the most effective leaders this great union has ever seen. One need look no further than his extensive library of strategy books on a wide array of subjects as an example of his contributions to the betterment of APWU.


NBA Pete Coradi says Elect Jeff Kehlert APWU Executive Vice President!

Jeff’s Defense vs. Discipline is the most widely known and utilized resource material in APWUs history. Jeff’s strategy books have enabled APWU leaders at every level to secure favorable resolutions and outcomes for our members. Jeff has also arbitrated the highest number of arbitration cases of any active Officer or advocate. Jeff is also well-known as a dynamic instructor, having presented courses involving dozens of subjects to thousands of APWU representatives throughout his successful tenure as a National Business Agent. Under Jeff’s tutelage we have seen many APWU representatives grow into effective leaders.

These are just some of the reasons why I can’t wait to cast my vote for Jeff as our next APWU Executive Vice President!

In union solidarity,
Pete Coradi
National Business Agent
APWU Clerk Division, NY Region
Brooklyn, NY Local

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