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    Terre Haute Area Local #618
    Office held, if any
    2016 candidate for APWU National President
    Thank you for your thoughts, Linda. I appreciate them. I appreciate all the information on the “Stop Staples” campaign. It still doesn’t change the fact we don’t know how much money was spent on the campaign. We don’t know what the endgame is on the Staples campaign. My issue is transparency and I am learning a ton from people just like right now! I’m not learning it from the APWU because they aren’t transparent. Sometimes the end does not justify the means is my main message. Who knows maybe my attitude will change into an attitude of moving into modifying the “Stop Staples” campaign into something that will impact more APWU members. I honestly don’t think it reflects the needs of what the majority of what I members want. However, before I would embark on a program that large. I would try asking people and talking to people to learn how they think and how they feel.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Greater Oregon Area Local
    Office held, if any
    Nothing against you personally, but I think your lack of experience is evident. I don’t think you have the knowledge to run a multi million dollar organization. Staples campaign is more than bullying. I for one do not want to be working for minimum wage which is what would happen if the postal service is privatized. That is why Staples campaign is important. I’m also disappointed that you did not keep your word by not showing up to the debate in June. You mentioned money was the problem. I’m from the West and paid 100% of my own expense for that trip to be there in person for the debate. I think if you want to be president, start with your own local first, then build from the experience you get from there. I think you bit off more than you could handle.

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