More on how Planet Postal Revolves Around Amazon – Still Beating this not Quite Dead Horse

By Mel Carriere – July 22, 2015


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

“If Jeff Bezos had a not quite dead horse to beat like me, you bet he would flog that animal mercilessly for not making production quotas. He has already started to sneak his heavy handed, 19th century style management into the postal service, which became clear to me on Tuesday during a stand up talk that had me shaking my cranium like a cheap ballpark bobble head doll manufactured in some Vietnamese sweat shop. If you read my previous July 16th blog on the subject then you are aware I was already amazed by how all other classes of mail are subordinated to the Amazon shipment, but now I understand that the health and safety of Postal employees is also to be sacrificed so that Prime arrives on time.

To my great astonishment, after she finished berating us in aforementioned stand-up talk about our poor scanning performance, our station manager added, by way of afterthought, that Amazon expects its packages to be delivered at all costs. To quote the boss, Amazon doesn’t care if the delivery point is blocked or is unsafe. By implication, she was saying that we as postal employees shouldn’t let little nuisances like our own safety get in the way of somehow getting that box past ten snarling pit bulls, through an impassable mesh of sticky spider webs that haven’t been cleared since the first Bush was president, over a pile of broken beer bottles and rusty car parts and onto the front porch. She didn’t explain how we are supposed to handle the impossible logistics of this but shooed us back to work before anybody could ask any complicated questions. We have some old timers in our station that ask some really complicated, tiresome questions, and she knows this.”

More/Source: The Postal Tsunami by Mel Carriere: More on how Planet Postal Revolves Around Amazon – Still Beating this not Quite Dead Horse

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