LETTER: No help from Postal Service for late ‘priority’ mail

Easton Post Office

Easton Post Office

April 24, 2015

I pay a lot of bills by telephone. I needed to pay our mortgage recently. The mortgage company wanted to charge $10 to pay by phone so I decided I could do better. (I had four days to get the payment there via the U.S. Postal Service or suffer a $16 late fee).priority_failI took my payment to the Easton Post Office on Monday and spent $5.75 for priority mail 2-day delivery. On Friday my wife received a call from the mortgage company saying the payment was late and we will be charged the penalty fee. I looked up the USPS tracking number of the priority mail 2-day item and learned it was delivered Friday, four and a half days after I sent it.

I went to the Easton Post Office and spoke to the clerk about the late delivery of my 2-day item and was told “nothing is guaranteed.” I then asked a supervisor if they would at least help defray the $16 late fee by reimbursing me for the $5.75 spent on the failed USPS delivery. The supervisor actually had the audacity to say, “we can’t help with anything.”

Amen to that! Your postal service at work. Or not.

Tim Burt

One thought on “LETTER: No help from Postal Service for late ‘priority’ mail

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088
    Office held, if any
    Great Letter to the Editor from Tim Burton.

    Employees on the window have been instructed to point out that the estimated delivery date is more of a goal or guideline than an actual guarantee. A guarantee only comes with Priority Express. Then it shouldn’t be on the shipping label. If you bought an airline ticket for a flight scheduled for 3pm on Tuesday and you showed up at your terminal to be held over until tbe actual 7pm on Monday departure, unless you upgraded to First Class, you might be a little pissed.
    When our customers see a date for delivery that isn’t met, that is a FAILURE. I do not have a business degree but I am pretty sure that I figured that one out on my own. Geez!

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