Let’s Bring Back the ‘Thank You’ Note

During this time of sheltering in place and social distancing, a lot of people are feeling a certain amount of stress and discomfort they may not be accustomed to…. a lack of inter-personal interaction. Social media has its value and its damnable attributes, but one thing it does not replace is the tangible positivity of human social interaction.

I was reading my copy of last week’s Epoch Times and came across this article that caught my attention as a Postal Worker and a grandpa. I hope you enjoy it.

“Given our age of high technology, a note of thanks sent through the post office has likely gone the way of the Remington Electric Typewriter and landline telephones. Few people write letters of any kind these days, corresponding instead via the Internet or by cell phone. This is unfortunate, as receiving a personal letter in a mailbox is rare and an event to be celebrated.”

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