Is the NRLCA a labor union or a secret Government organization?

If you have not seen it by now, the NRLCA website now has a new “Terms of Use” document that one must agree to before they can log in. It is not that I did not expect it. I have been told that it was a big issue at the National Convention this year.

In short, it says that if you want to access the information on the website, you must first agree not to share or distribute the content that is behind a password….

“A union should be an organization that inspires and brings people together, instead of trying to divide us.  They have had us divided for a very long time.  The haves and the have-nots. (those that get information (convention goers) and those that do not (rank and file members)  A union should be transparent and democratic.   If you have never taken a look at the APWU website or the NALC website, you should do it now.  They keep their members informed weekly, if not daily.  We are very lucky if we get information on the NRLCA website once a month….”

Will they try to “prosecute” one of their own?  Is an injury to one an injury to all?  Doesn’t seem so in this circumstance.

I know this has been long, and I could probably go longer, but basically, this is a plea for support.  Are you willing to stand behind me if the NRLCA tries to take action on me for sharing information with you?  I will be putting myself out there at great personal risk and I need to know that you will have my back.  I need to know that you will be willing to help me if I call on you.. Maybe write letters, make phone calls, etc..  Not sure where this is going to end up, but I am willing to fight for you and for the information if you are willing to fight for me and

I have never asked for much from any of you and right now I am asking, if you support me and this website, please let me know that you will stand with me. And if you know anyone that could give me some advice on this issue, please email me at  I am currently in contact with a few people who are looking at this issue, but in this situation there can never be too much advice.

Thanks everyone!

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