I-Team Update: Federal Lawmakers call for action on Cape Girardeau delayed mail (video)

CG_Aug15cCAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) – I’ve heard from dozens of you after last week’s I-Team report on claims that your mail is being intentionally delayed. From late bills and birthday cards, to missing shipments medication, many of you have noticed a change in delivery times. Now, the search for answers stretches all the way to our nation’s Capitol.

“You’re off this medicine for very long, why you’re in trouble,” 86-year-old Lawrence Seyer of Oran, Missouri said of the Coumadin he’s been taking since suffering a stroke eight years ago. CG_Aug15fSeyer’s prescriptions come by mail from Salt Lake City, Utah. After our I-Team report about possible delays at the Cape Girardeau mail processing center, Seyer wanted to share what happened the last time he ordered his pills. “I had ordered the medicine on July 24,” Seyer recalls. “It shows tracking to Cape Girardeau on the second,” Seyer said. So it made it that far, I pointed out. “Yeah,” he responds. “It made it that far, tracking to Cape. That was the last record of it.” I asked some of the workers if they could find his package. After days of searching, they tell me they also tracked it here, but somehow it’s simply vanished. Thursday afternoon, he got his long-awaited answer. According to the pharmacy, Mr. Seyer’s package was sent back damaged several days after it arrived in Cape Girardeau. Workers I talked to say this highlights concerns about when packages arrive, and when they are scanned. CG_Aug15dA viewer in Kelso, Missouri sent me a screen grab of the USPS track on an order she recently made. It shows her package arriving in Cape on August 11, and apparently just sitting there over the next two days. She received it late Wednesday. I pressed US Postal Service spokeswoman Stacy St. John for a reason as to why USPS does not think there’s a problem here in Cape Girardeau. CG_Aug15aShe told me they regret the workers in my story “damaged the integrity of their workforce.” She also pointed to a recent independent study that gave Cape Girardeau’s First Class mail delivery times high marks. “In fact, the most recent independently collected results for overnight First Class Mail service show scores above 97% QTD for our Cape Girardeau customers,” she said. “I had full faith in my belief that it was being investigated,” Walker told me when we met a few weeks back. And he didn’t just bring me what he calls the evidence an investigator asked him to collect. He and his union President took it to the offices of US Representative Jason Smith and US Senator Roy Blunt. CG_Aug15eSmith sent a letter to the Inspector General, asking why the worker was first told by the OIG to gather evidence last December. Then he had a different agent tell him last month to stop. Senator Blunt says he supports calls for the OIG to conduct an investigation into delays at the Cape Girardeau Processing Center and sent a letter to that effect Thursday. I’ve also heard from more postal workers who back up the story shared by those five men last week. They say they’ve gotten a lot of support at the center, but are skeptical anything will change. We will continue following Representative Smith and Senator Blunt’s calls for action and let you know what happens next. via I-Team Update: Federal Lawmakers call for action on delayed mail – KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff.

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