2 thoughts on “What is the advantage of keeping FEHBP benefits?

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    Medicare A and B and our FEHBP plans are good for our members. The coverage of combining these two reduce co-pays and out of pocket expenses.

    Medicare A and B with a private Medicare Gap plan are normally not as good.

    I always recommend our retirees take Medicare A and B and keep FEHBP. This provides the best medical coverage for our members.

    There are a few exceptions if you have a spouse with a good medical plan.

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    APWU - GA Postal Workers Union. Madison GA at Large
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    Those Medicare Advantage plans do not cover what they say they cover. Get cancer or go on dialysis, or any other chronic illness, then you will see how good those plans work. I thought the same way until I started cancer treatment and saw others angry because their plan doesn’t pay for this treatment or this Dr doesn’t take that plan, etc. That’s not what you want to hear when you life is on the line. Without the mercy of the LORD and Med A&B and FEHBP, I would have died 6 years ago. I have never paid a co pay even after a week in the hosp. What is a 109.00 a month that is pre taxed and can be claimed on your taxes with you FEHBP. Surely you don’t want to have to touch that TSP account for a non covered medical procedure do you?

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