Postal Employee COVID-19 Bonus Pay?

I keep reading and hearing comments from career postal employees saying we should be getting bonuses for being essential employees like Walmart employees are getting.

As essential workers, when Congress can’t balance the checkbook and the rest of the federal workforce is furloughed while we get to keep punching the time clock and even earn overtime…. that is kind of our perk for being essential employees.

If you want to trade that for what Walmart employees are going to get, more power to you.

Stay safe and God Bless us all!

First Name: Vernon
Last Name: DavidsonnJr.
Union/Local: Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088, APWU
Office held if any: Proud Dues Paying Member

3 thoughts on “Postal Employee COVID-19 Bonus Pay?

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    APWU - Utica NY Local
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    The Congress and the Senate voted to provide a $600 per week bonus to unemployed workers. So if we had all been laid off we would have received the bonus. For going to work and risking our lives and our family members lives we were left out.
    And this is why America is $Trillions in debt.
    Hopefully every single APWU Member understands what is at stake in November.

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    Target Employees got 2 dollars more an hour.
    The governors are demanding people to stay home and be safe. A lot of us have died . We deserve hazard pay.

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    APWU - Dallas, TX
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    NTX PDC 75099
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    We still should get hazard pay. Nurses, delivery, firemen, police, fast food etc. Those that worked all through the pandemic…. it’s coming.

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