Back Door, Unauthorized RIF in Cape Girardeau, MO

no_layoffs_pmgJust when you think that upper management has gone as low as they can dive, we are again stunned by their level of malicious determination.

All of the Clerk craft Post-Plan positions that are being posted have window training attached for qualification purposes. Most all of these jobs will have no window clerk work to be done and most all fall into hours when windows aren’t even open. These include jobs coming in at 0200 hours for manual distribution functions. Only jobs for the impacted employees in this facility are included.

Essentially, they are using any failure to pass the window training as grounds for termination. One of our employees has been terminated with the last day coming up soon. This is a dirty, underhanded back door attempt to conduct an unqualified RIF.

I love the way the good folks from district pat themselves on the back when they boast about remaining successful in not laying people off. Tell that to the PSE’s that were cut loose with little notice. I guess you can keep from saying you laid career employees off when you used unnecessary exams to use as grounds to simply terminate them.

I understand that negotiations are in session now, I get that. in the meantime, management is running roughshod over impacted employees all across the country, with impunity. Stand with us in these negotiations.

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