Article 6 Resolution for APWU 2020 National Convention

Via Bobby Donelson, President SWCAL Retiree Chapter:

Attached is the Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter Article 6 resolution on the APWU National Form.


WHEREAS, as the mothers and fathers of the American Postal Workers Union, retired members are a storehouse of knowledge, battle-tested experience, and wisdom to be utilized as a valuable American Postal Workers Union asset, and

WHEREAS, American Postal Workers Union Retiree Department members paid full dues for decades, and

WHEREAS, most American Postal Workers Union Retiree are like all retirees and live on a fixed reduced income, and

WHEREAS, many American Postal Workers Union Retiree step forward when the union needs assistance or support,

WHEREAS, a united American Postal Workers Union benefits all APWU Members, therefore be it

Resolved, to amend the American Postal Workers Union Constitution and Bylaws Article 6. Add a new Section 6 and changing current section 6 to Section 7. New section 6 would read: National Convention local, state, regional affiliates, or organizations voting strength/representation provisions will apply to chartered APWU State and Local Retiree Chapters with the exception that Retiree Chapter’s voting strength/representation will be one (1) for one-hundred (100) or fraction thereof.

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