APWU: What is a Contract Action Team?

APWU_stand_up_fight_backWeb News Article #: 027-2015 – 02/17/2015
02/17/2015 – The American Postal Workers Union has embarked on a campaign to involve union members in the fight for a good contract. This means sharing information on the work floor and winning community support for the struggle to secure better service and good jobs.

Contract Action Teams (CAT) are designed to fulfill this mission. CATs will be the principal method of informing and mobilizing members.  The more members that get involved, the better!

CATs can:

  • Produce flyers with updates about negotiations and upcoming activities;
  • Establish a text messaging group, email list or newsletter;
  • Conduct outreach to potential allies beyond the Postal Service to explain why their support is needed;
  • Organize activities, such as T-shirt days, button days, sticker days, etc., to publicize the issues, and
  • Develop new ideas for building support for our goals.

Local presidents that wish to participate should complete a CAT sign-up form.

How do CATs fit in? Every APWU member can help. Click here (or see image below) to see how CATs fit in to the national contract campaign structure.


While negotiations are going on at the bargaining table, everyone who has a stake in the outcome of negotiations must Stand Up and Fight Back!

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