APWU: Unauthorized Tractor Log Form Circulating

Web News Article #: 092-14

May 12, 2014 – Motor Vehicle Craft officers have received reports that an unauthorized Tractor Log Form is being utilized in some locations. Postal managers at the national level acknowledge that the form in question is not an approved USPS form. One indication that the form is unauthorized is the omission of the USPS identification number – PS Form 4572 – which would be printed on the authorized form.

If the unauthorized form is being utilized in your facility, please request the following information and forward it to Motor Vehicle Service National Officers, 1300 L Street NW, Washington DC 20005:

1. Who authorized the form?

2. What is the intention of the form?

3. Any and all documentation regarding the form.

If management instructs you to fill out the form, please comply with the request and file a grievance accordingly.

Click here to see the authorized PS Form 4572. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

via Unauthorized Tractor Log Form Circulating | APWU.

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